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Win A Trophy & €20 Vouchers At NonStop Karting Irelands Grand Prix

How do you fancy yourself winning a trophy and €20 vouchers by competing in our NonStop Karting Grand Prix?

For the months of July & August we are planning to run Grand Prix competitions and we want you to compete with your buddies to see just who the best Go Karting King or Queen is!

How Does NonStop Karting' Grand Prix Work?

NonStop Kartings Grand Prix day will begin with your group showing up for an induction which is centred around how to safely operate our Go Karts, some useful information about how to best handle the track and finally what our track signals mean. We won't bore you for long with that stuff, because we all know that you'll be chomping at the bit to get into a kart and get out onto the track.

The Go Karting Grand Prix will then begin with your group taking to the track and running somewhere between 20 to 30 laps consisting of both practise laps and a signal then shown to let you know that the qualifying rounds are to begin.

NonStop Karting Ireland | Irish Go Karting Grand Prix
Group At NonStop Karting Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Go Kart Race

Once the practise rounds and the qualifying rounds have been completed on the track, we will then enter into the race itself. The Grand Prix Go Kart race itself will take 20 minutes and will likely be the most competitive 20 minutes of your life. Gear up and get ready, because NonStop Karting Irelands Grand Prix will surely leave you and your group talking about your day out for weeks after!

How Long Does A Go Karting Grand Prix Take?

The Grand Prix will usually take between 45 and 60 minutes, for a group of 7. We ask that you allow for the latter of the two times for your Go Karting group and arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to allow yourselves the best possible experience.

If you have a group which is larger than 7 we will split the group into two. We will have the two groups run laps of the Go Karting track to then ensure that everyone is competing equally. We do this by pitting the fastest drivers against the other fastest drivers, and do the same for the slowest laps.

If you have a group larger than 7, we ask that you allow for an hour and a half, and again please ensure that you arrive 5 to ten minutes early so we can get everyone checked in and make the most of your allotted time.

What Will You Win At The NonStop Karting Ireland Grand Prix?

Bragging rights as the best Irish Go Karting driver are never enough, right?

That's why we are going to award each of the winners of each group of 7 max, a NonStop Karting Ireland Trophy, as well as a €20 voucher for the top Go Kart drivers of the day. We will only be running this award system for the months of July and August and urge you to book in ASAP if you want to take part, because we have already received bookings from visitors on site!

Want to book your day out for the Grand Prix now?

Call us now on 083 8565037 or on 051 378916 or alternatively click here to view our other contact options.

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