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Top Go Karting Tips For Irelands Go Karting Beginners

Want to visit a Go Karting track in Ireland and never been before? Here are a few of our top tips for the novice Go Kart racer who would like to hit the track with a little knowledge they may help them speed up the process of being better than there friends!

Below are some of NonStop Karting Irelands best beginner advice!

How To Get Better At Go Karting In Ireland
NonStop Karting Top Tips

1. Check Your Seating Position In The Go Kart

This may sound simple enough and almost like a "well duh" kind of thing to be saying. However you would be surprised at how many people driving a Go Kart forget this simple and basic rule both before they hit the track and whilst they are on the track racing.

Ideally when you get into the Go Kart the track marshall will ask you about how your position in the Go Kart feels and try to eye this for themselves also.

But, it is important that when they ask you this that you are have your back firmly against the back rest of the Karts seat, with your arms slightly bent. Over extension in this upright position means you are likely not correctly positioned in the Go Kart and will need to notify the marshall to re-adjust your seating position before you race, and if your arms bent more than slightly, then you are likely to close to the steering wheel and thus we suggest you notify the marshall of this also.

With this fresh in your mind on race day, ensure that maintain that position through out race and make sure that you are not hunching or leaning forward toward the wheel when you are driving the Go Kart on the track - It will only slow you down!

2. Position Your Hands Correctly On The Steering Wheel

For those of you have driven a car before and passed your test, you will know that you are instructed from the outset to have your hands at a position of 10 and 2.

Assuming you have not driven a car before, the 10 and 2 positioning of your hands on the steering wheel of the Go Kart refers to how you would see the hands on a clock, with one hand pointing to the number 10 - This would be YOUR left hand then at that position on the wheel - and the other hand pointing at 2 - This would then be YOUR right hand at the position of 2 - and now your handds should be firmly gripping the steering wheel of the Go Kart and symmetrical to each other.

3. Take The Path Of Least Resistance To Win The Go Kart Race

More often than not, when I watch people on the Go Kart track here at NonStop Karting Ireland, people continously fail to remember what I have told them in the induction.

One of the fastest ways to slow yourself on the track is to not use straight lines. Meaning quite literally, drive in a straight line as much as possible. By keeping the Go Kart in a straight orderly line for as long as possible will ensure you are hitting the fastest speeds possible and breaking far less.

A consistantly high speed over longer distances through simply keeping in as straight a line as possible will ensure that you are pulling the best lap possible times on the track, that goes for both indoor Go Karting and outdoor Go Karting.

4. Don't Lose Time Breaking The Go Karts Line

OK, so what about when your Go Kart comes to a bend a top speed and you need to break your line?

This is where momentum becomes key to ensuring that you maintain a top speed through the bend without crashing or losing to much grip. This comes by spending your first couple of laps getting a feel for the track at maybe 70-80% of full throttle and understanding the lay out of the Go Karting track.

As Irelands fastest indoor Go Kart track, we always try to encourage first time drivers to do this.

By knowing what is coming up in terms of bends, the angle and the line you will need to pursue to maintain momentum through the bend will quickly come naturally by just taking your first few laps a little slower and building a mental map of the Go Kart track in your mind.

5. No Sudden Movements To Maintain Tyre Grip

By keeping your driving as smooth as velvet, you'll find yourself ranking top place in your group. What do we mean by smooth though?

Simply put, avoid jerking your sterring wheel of the Go Kart as much as possible. For example, if you are coming up on a slower driver, trying to overtake in an aggressive manner is only going to cause YOU problems. You immediately lose 100% control of the Go Kart by doing this and will quickly find yourself in a predicament.

In the same way that jerking the sterring wheel will cause you to lose grip between tyre and track, you will also find that switching between the brake and accelerator will cause you to also lose the smoothness of your drive and ultimately end up causing you to produce slower lap times.

When you come here to Irelands fastest Indoor Go Kart track and feel uncertain about this, be sure to query it with the marshall and get as much feedback as you need to provide clarity on the best way to handle the Go Kart. After all, we want you to have the most enjoyment possible when driving with us here at NonStop Karting Ireland.

6. Finally, Have Fun When Go Karting At NonStop Karting Ireland

Now this may sound and seem obvious. However it is actually one of the most important things to remember.

You are at NonStop Karting Ireland to have FUN on the fastest indoor Go Kart in Ireland. By focusing too much on the above key points, you might just find yourself losing sight of the main objective which is to enjoy the experience.

Getting very good at Go Karting is something that, just like anything in life requires time, practise and patience.

Want to book a day out at Irelands fastest indoor Go Kart track?

Call us now on 083 8565037 or 051 378916

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