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NonStop Karting Ireland Top 50 Fastest Track Times | Irelands Fastest Go Kart Track

Have you made it to NonStop Karting Irelands Top 50 track times? Since we re-opened we have had a few of our regular Go Kart enthusiasts asking us to get the top 50 up. Since re-opening we have had some very impressive times in our Go Karts on the track!

Congratulations To Our Top 10 Fastet Go Kart Times

Before we highlight the entire list of fastest track times, we want to take a moment to congratulate the top 10 fastest Go Kart times and highlight that these may well be some of the best Go karting drivers in Ireland!

In at number 1 with the fastest Non-Stop Karting Ireland track time is Anthony Bardgett with an impressive 21.775s. Considering NonStop Karting Ireland have been closed for quite a while and the fact that Anthony would have been unlikely to get into a Go Kart anywhere in Ireland in the last year, we consider this to be pretty impressive!

Irelands Fastest Go Karting Track Times
NonStop Karting Ireland Top 50 Fastest

Second Fastest NonStop Karting Ireland Track Time

In a very close second place we would like to congratulate David Kelly with an impressive 21.889 seconds. David, we look forward to having you back here at NonStop Karting Ireland to see if you can beat Anthony and make it up to first place!

NonStop Kartings Third Fastest Go Kart Time

Hot on the heels of David was the one and only Mossey Coffey. Mossey missed second place in his Go Kart by literally a fraction of a second coming in at 21.896 seconds. Maybe next time a little less petrol in his Go Kart might help him lighten the load and improve his Go Karting time (We joke, this would be considered cheating - we don't condone this).

Fourth Fastest NonStop Karting Ireland Time

With a fastest lap time of 21.899 seconds by Stephen Bardgett it is evident that himself and his relations taking first place are highly competitive and with such close times we doubt it will be long before they're back to compete once again here at NonStop KArting Ireland!

Mick Frisby Takes 5th On The Go Karts

Mick Frisby took to the Go Kart track with an unusual amount of confidence and now we know why. Coming into the top five with his fastest lap time of 21.962 seconds, we here at NonStop Karting Ireland believe that Mick is likely to be back soon burning rubber and guzzling petrol to rank up towards 1st. Well done on your track time mick and we look forward to having you back soon!

Well Done To 6th to 10th Places

Although places 6th to 10th didn't quite make it the top 5, their times are unbelievebly close to the them and thats why we want to ensure they get a shout from us here at NonStop Karting Ireland in recognition of their karting times!

6th - T.J Kiely

7th - Adam Kelly

8th - Jimmy Cassidy

9th - Darragh Roche

10th - Graham Holden

Can You Make Our Top 50 Fastest Go Kart Lap Times?

If you think you have what it takes and can make our Top 50, we want you to get in touch and get booked in to get yourself ranked on our leader board. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete noob to Go Karting, we welcome you and all skill levels!

Contact Us by clicking here or call us on 083 8565037 or 051 378916

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