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How do I Book?

You can either call us on 0838565037 or you can fill out a booking request here on the website..

*Please note, If we miss your call, we will call you back. There may also be delayed response on Tuesdays & Wednesdays whilst we're closed.

Will there be people we don't know on the track at the same time as us?

No, all bookings are private so the only people on track will be the people within your group.

Can Kids do this?

Absolutely! Karting is great fun for all the family. Minimum age for kids to drive on their own is 9. However, kids as young as 5 can go in one of our 2 Twin seat Karts accompanied by an Adult.

How many people can you accommodate at once?

We've had bookings of 50+ people before. However, keep in mind the maximum number of karts on track at one time is 7.

Is there a minimum Booking?

Yes. All of our bookings are private and we do not mix groups. There needs to be at least 2 people in your group midweek or 3 people on weekends and bank holidays.

Is Karting safe?

Like all Motorsports, there is an element of risk involved in Karting. However, we take safety extremely seriously here at NSK. All drivers get a full safety briefing before going on track. We also take additional precautions when Children are involved.

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