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NonStop Karting Ireland Has A Race Simulator.

With the oh so joyful intorduction of Covid-19 into our lives, we realised that alot of people in Ireland are quickly moving with the times and going digital.

Digital this and digital that!

So, like any good Go Kart track owners would, we decided to purchase a digital race simulator!

What Is A Digital Race Simulator?

In short a digital race simulator is exactly what it says on the tin. For those who need it broken down though, it consists from the floor up, of a chassis like rig with foot pedals matching that of a professional set, a racing style bucket seat to ensure you are comfortably positioned when using it, a gear stick and also a screen or in our case screens.

Once sitting inside of the rig, you then choose from the available maps and cars and quite literally begin racing on the simulated track, with the rig reacting in the same way that a vehicle would.

The first purpose built digital racing simulator was designed and built by Colin Chapman in the early 60s. The inception of his idea was widely accepted accross the motorsports industry, with his campaigns being marketed to both men and women of all ages to help promote motorsports worldwide whilst making it clear that his vision was for everyone to feel as though they had an equal opportunity to chase their racing dreams.

A Custom Built Digital Race Simulator

Our rig has been purposely custom built for us here at NonStop Karting. The frame has been designed by DigitalMotorsports based in the UK, whom have ensured that the seating and frame are set in such a way that you would not know you were not driving a vehicle.

Surrounded by not one or two, but three 40" Full HD sharp flatscreens, the NonStop Karting Ireland Simulator Rig really does replicate what your visula field and surroundings would feel like in the vehicle you decide to race as well as an almost perfect replication of the scenery.

The NonStop Karting Sim Rig is also loaded with both manual and sequential gears, this allows for drivers of all levels to be able to take part in racing their dream tracks and vehicles, just like Chapmen had envisioned all those years ago.

What Racing Tracks Can You Drive On The NonStop Karting Simulator?

The NonStop Karting Ireland Race Simulator is fully loaded with every track around the world, as well as some extra custom built tracks designed by other digital engineers. This means that no matter what track it is you want to drive, from Go Karting to Rally and everthing inbetween such as Formula 1 and Drifting, the Digital Motorsport Rig will allow you to get one step closer to your dream car and your dream track!

The NonStop Karting Ireland Top Gear Competition.

Watch this space is an understatement!

We are extremely close to releasing our in house Top Gear tournament, which will be a Top Gear Go Kart on a Top Gear Go Karting Track.

The race will consist of of 2 timed laps of the chosen track. You will b free to practise the laps of the chosen Top Gear Go Kart Track for 15 minutes before the timed laps take place.

We will be awarding prizes (TBD) and will be announcing when the competition will be kicking off very soon.

For the time being, if you would like to try out the NonStop Karting Ireland Digital Racing Simulator, you can call us to book in for anything from 15 minutes to an hour.

Don't worry if you feel as though you may need help. Although it is pretty easy to come to get to grips with getting out onto a digital track and get racing, for those who feel they may want some training we will always ensure there is someone on hand to help steer you in the right direction.

If you would like to book in to use the Digital Motorsport Simulator at NonStop Karting Ireland with prices starting from as little as €10, please call us on 083 8565037 or 051 378916 or alternatively you can contact us by clicking here.

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