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NonStop Karting Ireland | We Got A Pool Table

Here at NonStop Karting Ireland we are always looking for ways to improve your experience here at the Go Karting track.

Years ago I used to work on the road doing door to door sales, myself and an ould pal of mine would always have to stop off for lunch in whichever town we were working at any place that had a pool table.

Like, religiously!

We would drive around for far longer than we should have been burning petrol like there was no tomorrow just to find somehwere with a Pool table and a bit of good hearty Irish food!

So, whilst looking for ways to improve the experience here at NonStop Karting Ireland it occured to me that I should fulfill that nostalgia and pass it onto others who visit us. So, along with being able to Go Kart with us and also use our Race Simulator, you can now have a game of Pool if you are waiting on friends or have finished hitting the track and want to spend a little extra time with us whilst getting some grub into you.

Now, I find myself toying with the idea of whether or not we should host mini Pool tournaments too, what do you think?

Don't forget folks, if you want to book in for Go Karting with us in the coming weeks be sure to call us now to enquire about availability as slots are selling out fast!

Call: 083 856 5037 or 051 378916

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